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WLBT News LogoAmerica’s one of the most popular news destinations, WLBT News operates at Virtual CH 3 and serves the entire area of Jackson, Mississippi while affiliating with NBC Network. The channel works under the name of Gray Television which is also a parent company of WDBD CH 40, a Fox-affiliate news channel owned by American Spirit Media, and WLOO CH 35, a Vicksburg-licensed entity owned by MyNetworkTV. Both WLBT and WDBD operate under the Shared Service Agreement. Whether you are a Cable TV user, or a satellite TV user, you can access the station’s transmission through WLBT News live stream. Moreover, you can also watch the channel’s streaming over the air via an antenna or just stream it live on the official website

WLBT 3 offers a range of services including news, weather, health, sports, traffic, and community coverage. WLBT News section includes national news, crime news, investigative journalism, good news, education, Mississippi Strong, consider this editorial, and interviews. The station’s weather section contains Skycams, Closings, Weather Radio, and Request a First Alert Weather School Visit. The health section includes Great Health Divide, Baby Faces, Power of Pink, Health News, and 28 Days of Heart. The community section involves Back to School, Mississippi Strong, Flashback Friday, St. Jude Dream Home, and Back to School.

WLBT News Live Stream

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General FAQs

Why did Walt Grayson Leave WLBT?

Walt Grayson left WLBT News because he found a better opportunity at WJTV news. Walter Grayson has lived in Mississippi for his entire life. Having grown up in Greenville, he began broadcasting at a local station while in his teenage years. Upon graduation, he moved to Jackson, Tennessee, and began working for a radio station before switching to television. After working as a weatherman and reporter for WLBT for many decades, he returned home to WJTV to work part-time as a weatherman. He also continued to work full-time at Jackson’s WSLI radio station.

How old is Maggie Wade WLBT?

Maggie Wade didn’t reveal any exact information about her age but she celebrates her birthday on 8 October every year. Tough judging from her schooling and personality, she seems to be around 61 years of age. News Anchor & Reporter Maggie Wade works for WLBT and has won many Emmy awards. In addition to co-anchoring the 5, 6, and 10 pm news, she also presents a sports show. She became a part of WLBT during her school years. Since she started working at WLBT 3, she has been raised through various positions such as news reporter, producer & coordinator of children’s programs, and a weekend weather anchor. She currently serves the channel as a co-anchor. Moreover, during her overall career, the United States Congress named her as an Angel In Adoption in Oct 2011 for her exceptional work on Wednesday’s Child.

Is Rachel Coulter Leaving WLBT?

What are the plans of Rachel Coulter?

Rachel Coulter left WLBT News after she received an offer to serve the sister channel WBTV in Charlotte, NC. She is a capable meteorologist who completed her graduation in 2015 from Millersville University with a Meteorology degree in BS. Further, she played on the women’s basketball team for many years. In addition to the severe weather events she’s witnessed in the Mid-South and Deep South, Rachel is excited to experience the weather challenges that await her in Carolina! In addition to being eager to learn from the best, she is excited to work alongside the incredible WBTV team.

What happened to Heather Sophia WLBT?

No one knows what happened to Heather Sophia since there isn’t any information available about her. It seems like she was never a part of WLBT News. Heather Sophia was a meteorologist at WLBT but then suddenly disappeared completely from the station.

Where is WLBT Located?

WLBT Location

South Jefferson Street houses both stations’ studios in downtown Jackson, and the transmitter of WLBT 3 News is located near Raymond on Thigpen Road.

Why did Walt Grayson leave WLBT?

There is no information available that why Walt Grayson left WLBT. Walter Grayson has been a Mississippian all of his life. During his time in high school, he began broadcasting for a local radio station in Greenville. He worked for a number of radio stations in Jackson after graduating, before becoming a television producer in 1984. After serving as WLBT’s weather anchor for more than thirty years, he returned home to WJTV-12, the channel he joined as a part-time meteorologist while working full-time as a radio personality at Jackson’s WSLI.

Who is Anthony Warren WLBT?

Anthony Warren is a Digital Content Producer & Reporter at WLBT News. Other than WLBT he also produces digital content for  Fox 8, WDAM, WTOK, Action News 5, and WLOX. Anthony Warren has been with WLBT for years and produces top-notch content that catches the attention of a mass audience. Producing digital content is not easy, it requires a lot of things to set in a uniform manner, and Anthony Warren understands all the knicks and knacks of that and presents the best possible visuals and writing material to the channels including WLBT.

WLBT News Team

WLBT 3 News team includes some of the best news specialists in the area including Howard Ballou, Roslyn Anderson, Patrice Clark, Barbie Basset, Courtney Ann Jackson, Ashley Garner, Christopher Field, Holly Emery, & Cheryl Lasseter. Using their skills in public speaking, the team communicates the news in an accurate and concise manner. News professionals are responsible for anchoring, reporting, or conducting news programs. After field reporters have presented their stories, the news anchors ensure that the segments are not interrupted. This is how both news anchors and news reporters communicate with each other as a team in the WLBT News team.

Patrice Clark: WLBT’s Weekend Anchor

Patrice ClarkThe weekend anchor and general assignment reporter Patrice Clark reports on a range of stories. Since joining WLBT in October 2016, she has covered multiple topics. Her family is from New Orleans, Louisiana, and that gives her a sense of good food and fun. Oprah Winfrey was her role model as a child and she dreamt of being on television. In the beginning, Patrice spoke at her church, Greater St. Stephen, as well as at various city events. Patrice worked as a co-host for a local teen talk show at AM 940 in New Orleans as a child, eager to get involved in the media.

A graduate of Nicholls State University, Patrice hails from Thibodaux, Louisiana. Her college television station and local radio station, KTIB, both employed her as a reporter/anchor during her college years. At the same time, she interned at New Orleans’ FOX 8 News station. Patrice decided to move to her hometown after earning her degree in Journalism and later served as an assignment editor at WWL Television. While producing the youth program “Our Generation,” she became active in the local community.

Later, Patrice worked as a tape editor at WLOX News in South Mississippi, but her goal was to become a television host. When she wasn’t working, she enjoyed writing and storytelling. In the end, her dream of becoming the Jackson County bureau chief came true after years of hard work. At WLOX, she also reported live on weekends and filled in as an anchor. Continuing to tell stories, she came back to Jackson, Mississippi, in 2016.

WLBT 3 First Alert Weather Team

WLBT Weather LogoConsisting of four people, the WLBT weather team covers the wide array of weather activities within the Jackson, Mississippi area. In studying, interpreting, observing, and predicting the earth’s atmosphere and its phenomena, they use various scientific techniques. Using satellites, radars, and remote sensors, the team gathers and analyzes data and applies it to interpret observations on the ground, at sea, and in the upper atmosphere. In addition, they provide weather reports and forecasts to customers. Furthermore, short and long-range weather predictions are made using physical and mathematical formulas and computational applications. WLBT Weather personalities consist of Patrick Ellis, Branden Walker, Peyton Garrison, and Dave Roberts.

Patrick Ellis: Meteorologist at Patrick Ellis

Patrick EllisOriginally from Alabama, Patrick Ellis is very happy about getting back to Mississippi State to continue his career. As a child, he had a fear of thunderstorms, but after overcoming that fear he developed a love for weather. Patrick was an enthusiastic storm chaser during his time at Mississippi State, including the 2011 storms of 15 April and 27 April 27, which were the most extreme weather events in recent Mississippi history.

During his time at state, he began his career as a meteorologist here in Jackson, covering weekends at Weather Vision, as well as providing weather coverage in Greenville at an ABC affiliate. He has worked in North Carolina in Greenville and Wilmington during the past few years.

WLBT 3 Jackson MS Mobile Apps

WLBT 3 Jackson MS features some amazing digital apps that let you enjoy the news & weather coverage on the go. Whether you are traveling to some distinct place or having a picnic with your family, you can keep tabs on your surroundings with WLBT 3 On Your Side News app that delivers Breaking News NBC Jackson, weather updates, sports telecast, and WLBT news live stream.

Download the power of the WLBT News application right to your Android! WLBT 3 On Your Side and WDBD Fox 40 team up to provide you with local news, Channel 3 Jackson Breaking News, Weather Updates, and traffic updates of Central and Southwest Mississippi.

Live Coverage Studio WLBT News
Live Coverage Studio WLBT News | Courtesy: Official Website

The app includes the following features:

  • WLBT Breaking News Alerts
  • Live Radar
  • Live, local news headlines and stories
  • Sports
  • Video
  • Storm Tracking
  • And more

WLBT First Alert Weather app id s definition of a complete weather package. From a live weather radar that provides weather information based on your location to closing information, traffic alerts, and storm tracking, the WLBT weather app is a one-stop-shop for everything.

WLBT News TV Listing

The table below includes all the shows that are aired from Monday to Saturday on WLBT 3. From breaking news in Jacksonville to weather updates of the Central Mississippi, the TV listing includes all the exciting shows.

WLBT 5:00 a.m. News Today Jeopardy! Days of Our Lives
WLBT Noon News NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt Entertainment Tonight This Is Us The Train
Young Rock Rocky’s Code WLBT 10:00 p.m. News Mr. Mayor The Debate Top Story With Tom Llamas
Late Night With Seth Meyers Right This Minute Entertainment Tonight WLBT 4:30 a.m. News
Days of Our Lives Chicago Med Lying Doesn’t Protect You From the Truth Chicago P.D. House of Cards The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon
Right This Minute Law & Order Black and Blue Law & Order: Organized Crime The Blacklist TBD, Conclusion, Pt. 1
1st Look Cornerstone Media Investigate TV Earth Odyssey With Dylan Dreyer
NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt: Kids Edition The Voyager With Josh Garcia Horse Racing Wild Child Asian Icons
USFL Football Vets Saving Pets Saturday Night Live` Open House NYC
Entertainment Tonight Weekend The Voice of Goodwill The Winning Walk With Dr. Ed Young First Presbyterian Church
Weakest Link Meet the Press The Song Opry
INDYCAR Auto Racing In Touch With Dr. Charles Stanley ITF Tennis EPL Soccer

About WLBT News

Lamar Life Insurance Company founded WJBT on December 19, 1953, the company also used to own a radio station WJDX. In Jackson, it is the second-oldest TV station, after WJTV Ch 12 launched in January 1953. As well as being the third-oldest television station in Mississippi. Within a few weeks of its launch, the station was renamed WLBT, which stood for Lamar Broadcasting Television, because its original calls were similar to WJTV.

Since WJDX is an NBC affiliate, WLBT 3 has always been an ABC affiliate, albeit sharing ABC with WJTV until WAPT started airing the telecast in 1970. There was also a brief affiliation with the NTA Film Network in the late 1950s. South Jefferson Street is the station’s studio location, while its transmitter is situated in the southeast of Raymond, Mississippi, on Thigpen Road.

Tel: (601)948-3333
Tower Location: Thigpen Road southeast of Raymond, Mississippi
Brand Name: WLBT 3

Coverage Map

WLBT Coverage Map
WLBT Coverage Map | Source:

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