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NBC Cincinnati also known as WLWT News 5 Live

WLWT News logoWLWT News is an NBC affiliate TV channel providing services to Cincinnati, Ohio at Virtual CH 5. The station operates under the ownership & management of Hearst Television by Hearst Communications. Channel 5 Cincinnati is one of the leading news stations in Ohio, offering local & regional newscasts, national news services, political shows, regular traffic updates, amusing stories, and weather updates. Furthermore, explore investigative journalism by the channel’s entire team of investigators, find different sporting events, discover exciting contests, and keep in touch with the local crime reports only on WLWT News. Watch the station’s HD broadcast both on Cable and satellite networks, as well as over the web at “” via WLWT live stream. The station uses the branding “WLWT News 5” and tagline “Leading the Way” for its newscast.

Get cheap deals on jewelry, home decors, TVs and electronics, clothing, shoes, and beauty products at WLWT’s “Half Off Cincy” service. View the snaps and stories shared by the local community at the station’s “U-local” section. See what’s going on in the state’s as well as the country’s politics at the network’s “Commitment 2020” section. Get in the loop with the Cincinnati’s social issues and see how the government is handling them at “Let’s Talk Cincy” service. “Pre-owned Auto showdown” by Channel 5 Cincinnati offers dealers a platform to sell their cars and consumers to buy used vehicles at reasonable and cheap prices. Moreover, WLWT TV also hosts “station Tours” for schools, colleges, and organizations interested in weather or meteorology.

Watch WLWT News Live Streaming

Catch all the latest WLWT local news headlines, WLWT traffic, WLWT Weather, WLWT School closings information together with sports coverage and investigative reporting here via WLWT live stream. Moreover, viewers can also enjoy several entertaining shows such as “Days of Our Lives”, “Access Hollywood”, “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, “American Ninja Warrior”, “The Champion Within” and many other exciting TV programs through the live stream.

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The studio of Channel 5 Cincinnati are situated in the Mount Auburn suburbs of Cincy. However, its transmitter lies at Chickasaw Street in the same suburbs. The audience can watch the NBC Cincinnati coverage over different cable networks including Cincinnati Bell at CH 5 and Charter Spectrum at CH 7 in Kentucky and CH 5 in Ohio.

Schedule for Live Streaming

Here you can see the proper time schedule for WLWT News live stream for the news telecast.

Weekdays: Saturdays Sundays
4:30 a.m. 05 a.m. 5 a.m.
– 5 a.m. 5:30 a.m. 06 a.m.
– 6 a.m. 6 a.m. 7 a.m.
12 p.m. 10 a.m. 9 a.m.
5 p.m. 6 p.m. 6 p.m.
5:30 p.m. 11 p.m. 11 p.m.
6 p.m. 11:30 p.m.
11 p.m.
General FAQ’s related to WLWT News

The audience and viewers general questions related to the presenters and anchors.

What is Pre-Owned Autos service by WLWT News?

NBC Cincinnati presents an exciting service “Pre-owned Autos Showcase” to the people of Cincinnati. It includes a number of dealers selling second-hand cars, vans, SUVs & trucks at low and reasonable prices. Viewers can find almost every vehicle here from Toyota Corolla to Tesla Model S2. It features Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Ferrari, Porsche, Pontiac, Lan Rover, BMW, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, KIA, Lexus, Volvo, Volkswagen, and many others. This is the best opportunity for those who cannot afford a brand-new car and looking for some reliable source of getting a used car, SUV, van, or truck.

Did Colin Mayfield Leave?

Lately, there are rumors about Colin Mayfield leaving. Well, all these rumors are just baseless and none of those are true. Colin Mayfield is a prestigious meteorologist who acquired his degree in Broadcast Journalism from Marquette University. Viewers can always find their favorite Reporter Colin Mayfield online over the web via WLWT live stream.

Is Kevin Robinson from WLWT married?
Martial Status of Kavin Robinson

Any information about Kevin Robinson’s married life hasn’t been public yet. He is one caring person who doesn’t want the media to involve in his personal life. Therefore, whether the skilled Kevin Robinson from WLWT is married or not is a mystery that is yet to solve. Watch Kevin Robinson’s shows over the web at the channel’s official site via “WLWT live stream”.

How Old IS Megan Mitchell from WLWT?

Megan Mitchell is a popular TV personality at Channel 5 Cincinnati who has claimed several awards in her profession. Megan Mitchell is a 28 years old female anchor & reporter who has a huge fan following WLWT-TV. Catch the services of Megan Mitchel online via WLWT live stream.

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To check the latest weather from Cincinaati, you can always see the below WWLT Radar for the accurate atmosphere information. The interative radar provides all the neceesary information for closing and delays and temprature stats.

WLWT Half off Cincy by Ultimate Air Shuttle

WLWT 5 features a wonderful service, “Half-off Cincy” powered by Ultimate Air Shuttle. It offers plenty of deals on beauty products, home décor, services, jewelry, TVs, and Electronics to the Cincinnati community. Save your money by availing of these valuable deals by WLWT. You can regularly check the website for daily latest deals updated by WLWT News. Furthermore, it also provides Merchants and Restaurants an opportunity to become a part of Half-Off Cincy service. They can simply go to Half-off Cincy’s official webpage and register themselves thereby providing the required information. Plus, customers can also recommend or submit their favorite merchants or restaurants here.

WLWT News building
WLWT-TV Hearst TV Inc News 1700 Young St Cincinnati, OH | Courtesy:

School kids can visit WLWT offices through Station Tours

Take a trip to NBC Cincinnati through its ‘Station Tours’ service. If schools or other local organizations are interested to explore weather. They can organize a tour to the station by submitting an application to them. However, the kids should be older than 12 years and there should be one or two caretakers must be with them. The channel reviews applications then select schools or organizations after verifying everything. The tours, that last for almost 45 minutes, are mostly scheduled during weekdays after school, timing around 3 pm. Though, the WLWT News Cincinnati doesn’t conduct tours during Jan, May, Nov and December.

WLWT 5 Weather: Most Accurate Weather

WLWT Weather logoWLWT Weather is considered to be the most accurate weather service provider in town with the most experienced and professional team of meteorologists working really hard round the clock.

Viewers can get the channel’s weather coverage over the official website through WLWT live stream. The station features the highly developed interactive WLWT Weather radar that predicts rainfalls, storms, hurricanes and other severe weather conditions accurately. The radar delivers 24 hours, 10-days and weekend weather forecast to the viewers. Hence, they can organize their plans accordingly. With one of the bests weather equipment in market, they always take a lead in weather coverage and serves the public actively 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Watch local news from Ohio: WKYC News

WLWT Weather is Certified Most Accurate Nine Years in a Row

WLWT is providing weather coverage to the Cincinnati community for many years and always been the leading weather service provider with high-tech equipment and WLWT weather radar.

For nine whole years, WLWT Weather service is being certified as the Most Accurate by the National Weather Service and many of its weathercasters have claimed several awards in their field of expertise. Kevin Robinson, Allison Rogers, Randi Rico and Cameron Hardin are one of the few names that did a great part in making the station’s weather coverage, most accurate, nine years straight. Catch all three of them over the air or on the web via WLWT live stream.

WLWT Radar: The Station’s Highly Interactive Weather Radar

Keep tabs on severe weather, storms and rainfall anywhere in the United States with interactive WLWT radar. It offers detailed climate information of different areas of Ohio including Cincinnati Of course, you can zoom in and zoom out the radar to state level or city level and see the weather condition of a specific region. It predicts the weather movement based on the precipitation level in the air and delivers the most accurate information to the studio. The WLWT radar features many layers such as ‘Feels Like Temps’, ‘Storm Tracks’ and ‘Current Condition’ that you can find at the bottom right corner of the map.

WLWT News live broadcasting satellites
WLWT News live broadcasting satellites | Credits: official website

Meanwhile, it also detects severe weather in the area and gives alerts and watches immediately. Other than real-time satellite image of the sky, futurecast feature of WLWT Weather radar lets you watch forecast for 24 hours, 7 days and 10 days. Viewers can sign up on to get severe weather alerts via an email. Moreover, on the WLWT alert page, users can also get severe weather alerts and watches for Cincy and Northern Kentucky.

WLWT News 5 App & WLWT Weather App

With the tagline “leading the way”, WLWT 5 News & Weather App offers real-time local and regional news, national news, traffic updates, sports content, political discussion, exciting stories and, of course, weather coverage.

The app also offers WLWT live stream where users can watch breaking news, exclusive stories, and weather updates online, anywhere they go. They can also send a news tip, breaking news, or submit their photos & videos directly to the news bureau; they might get a chance to feature on air. Plus, users can also directly share these stories with their friends and families through Facebook or Twitter. Furthermore, the app’s weather section provides real-time weather, hourly and daily forecast, traffic updates in the palms of the hand.

Users can also watch the channel’s interactive WLWT radar in HD and zoom in & out to street level or city level. Plus, they can also track the storms or hurricanes as they get closer. See how’s the weather doing in other counties by moving the map around. Moreover, get weather notifications, watch videos from the experienced meteorologists, and explore much more here. Wherever you are in the Cincinnati, stay updated with all the breaking news & weather reports with the app’s WLWT live stream.

Get to know about the WLWT Weather Squad

Channel 5 Cincinnati is honored to have one of the dedicated weather team in the station. It is because of the weather anchors, reporters and weather casters that the station managed to sustain the certification of “Most Accurate” over the past 9 years. Nothing such could be done without the efforts of this hardworking team. Viewers can get to explore more about the team over the channel’s official webpage via WLWT live stream. Furthermore, NBC Cincinnati’s three main meteorologists who helped the channel earning the title of “Most Accurate” all these years, belong to Mississippi State University from Geosciences department. Randi Rico, Kevin Robinson and Allison Rogers were all MSU-students currently serving the Hearst’s TV channel that has claimed certification from WeatheRate, an exclusive weather research company that oversees and verified the country’s weather forecast.

Allison Rogers: One of the Prestigious Names in Weather Category

Allison RogersMiss Rogers is an expert meteorologist at Channel 5 Cincinnati. She has been chasing weather for so many years and considers it an important part of her life. Before becoming a member of WLWT Weather team, Allison Rogers used to work at WYMT-TV as broadcast meteorologist or Reporter. Catch the live services of Allison Rogers here via WLWT live stream. She worked there for two whole years and then joined WLWT Cincinnati. Here she worked with a great passion and earned a great respect among the team and fans. She has been watching storms and hurricanes since she was a child in the Gulf of Mexico. The first one that she remembers was Hurricane Georges. Then, in 2015 Hurricane Katrina rampaged in her hometown i.e. Long Beach, Mississippi. While watching the news coverage of Hurricane Katrina, she realized that she wanted to pursue her career in Broadcast Meteorology.

WLWT News Team: The Town’s Best News Squad

WLWT Channel 5 Team consists of many professional news anchors & reporters providing the important news and information to the people of Cincinnati round the clock. There is a friendly environment between the team’s members and everyone there work together, share their moments of happiness & grief together and always have a back of each other. Watch the best news team live over the official website “” through WLWT live stream. Two of the WLWT colleagues Mike Dardis and Sheree Paolello even fell in love with each other and get married. This is the beautiful yet most natural incident to behold on any of the crew deck.

Shows provided by the WLWT News Channel

Viewers can watch different exciting talk shows, news programs, political discussion, sports discussion and entertaining shows on-air over the satellite or cable network. However, they can also watch these exclusive TV program on their mobile device or laptop via “WLWT News 5 and Weather mobile app” or “” via WLWT live stream.

WLWT News newscasters
WLWT News newscasters | Source: facebook page
Connecting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Dateline NBC Today
A Little Late with Lilly Singh Early Today WLWT News 5 Today Access Daily
Today III The Dr. Oz Show Toady with Hoda & Jenna Tamron Hall
Days of Our Lives The Real Extra The Ellen DeGeneres Show
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt American Ninja Warriors Late Night with Seth Meyers 1st Look
Saturday Today Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer The Champion Within Let’s Talk Cincy
A New Leaf Weakest Link Saturday Night Live Ellen’s Game of Games
Nightwatch Nation Open House NYC In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley Meet the Press
Matter of Fact Vets Saving Pets Sunday Today Football Night in America
FIM Motorcycle Racing The Voice WLWT Commitment 2020 Transplant
Tel: (513) 412-5000
Tower Location: Chickasaw Street
Brand Name: WLWT 5

Channel Coverage

WLWT News coverage map
WLWT News coverage map | Source:


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