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KOCO 5 News logoKOCO-TV, an ABC-affiliated TV channel giving its services in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States. The brand name of the channel is KOCO 5 News, while its call sign is Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Furthermore, the slogan of the channel is ‘Live. Local. Late-breaking.’ The channel also uses its slogan for the weather: ‘We’ll Bring You the First Alert.’ Watch KOCO live stream on the official website of the channel and YouTube channel. KOCO TV features breaking news, political news, entertainment, health, sports, and weather forecast.

Nurses Oklahoma Heroes specify a specific section for nurses, which left their lives at risk during pandemic times. Whereas, the investigative section totally based on the undercover stories of Oklahoma and nationwide. Under the ‘u local’ section, the Channel 5 News OKC team share each and every news of the city. Moreover, the State of Addiction, the effort of the KOCO news team, prevents citizens from drugs by telling them the horrific stories of addicted people. Not to mention, High School Sports held several sports events for Oklahoma’s high school students for their growth and physical health.

KOCO 5 News Live Stream

Watch the KOCO 5 News Live Stream on the official website of the television station and YouTube channel. In addition, you can also watch the KOCO OKC live stream by installing the channels app. The live streaming of Channel 5 contains the current news, entertainment, sports, politics, and much more. For the continence of internet users, we are also providing the live stream of KOCO 5 News.


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KOCO News Live Stream Schedule

Following is the live streaming schedule of KOCO 5. Please note that this schedule can be changed by the TV authorities anytime.

Sr. Monday-FridaySaturdaySunday
1.04:30 AM5 AM5 AM
2.5 AM6 AM6 AM
3.6 AM8 AM8 AM
4.5 PM5 PM5:30 PM
5.6 PM6 PM10 PM
6.10 PM10 PM10:30 PM

General FAQs

What channel is ABC in OKC?

Viewers in Oklahoma can watch ABC programming at KOCO News Live. Tune in to Virtual Channel 5 to get the OKC News, Oklahoma News Today, KOCO Weather, Sports, Traffic, and KOCO Live Streams to your TV through cable, satellite, or over-the-antenna.

What channel is ABC on DirecTV in Oklahoma?

DirecTV users can watch the station’s exciting coverage consisting of KOCO Breaking News, political news, entertainment, national and worldwide news by tuning into CH 5.

How old is Paul Folger?

Paul Folger’s age is not available to find anywhere on his social network circle. We tried to explore his birth date on different digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and found nothing. But,  it seems Folger doesn’t want to reveal his age to the public. Paul was serving the Channel 5 OKC as an Evening News Anchor since 2008. However, after working for KOCO for almost ten years, Paul Folger decided to leave the station and joined KSTP 5. His great excellent experience in journalism earned him great respect in the broadcast market.

KOCO 5 News Team

The news channel KOCO OKC based on a skilled and experienced news team. KOCO Anchors such as Jason Hackett, Evan Onstot, and Alejandra Briones are working with the channel for over two decades. Using their experience and intelligence, they mostly cover exclusive stories and content for viewers.

Dillon Richards: General Assignment Reporter at Channel 5 OKC

Dillon RichardsDillon Richards is a multi-media journalist and general assignment reporter at ABC Oklahoma, providing all types of news such as local news, government reports, Oklahoma City crime info, and Oklahoma Breaking News. In a report on the heroin epidemic and its effects on first responders, Dillon was ultimately recognized by the Pennsylvania Association of Broadcasters. Aside from that, he also covered the shooting at Pittsburgh’s Tree of Life and featured the president and vice president at the 9/11 memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and delivered a statewide report on church abuse.

Dillon's Career Life

Dillon completed his education at The University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Journalism in 2016. Though, Richards started his career in June 2009 as a Camp Counselor at J-Zone Summer Camp.

There, Dillon managed a small and large group of children and helped the director in several administrative duties. In January 2014, Richards started a job at Grady Newsource as a Manager and eventually became a Senior Production Manager in May 2015. In Grady, Dillon supervised the daily production of student newscasts together with professors and producers. A year later, Richards began an internship as a General Assignment Intern at WMAZ News in June 2016, right after coming out of the university.

There Dillon produced daily news content that was broadcasted live in the evening newscast. In May 2014, Dillon became a Server at Carrabba’s Italian Grill and served the restaurant for more than two years.  Eventually, Dillon found himself working for WJAC News as a TV reporter in December 2016. In WJAC, he used to research and write his stories daily to the public. From cornfield crime scenes to federal court, Richards has covered everything in between. Currently, he works as a Multi-Media Journalist for KOCO News.

Shelby Cashman: NBC OKC’s Morning News Personality

Shelby CashmanShelby Cashman co-hosts the weekday morning news program at KOCO Channel 5 with Jason Hackett, morning meteorologist Jonathan Conder, and breaking news anchor Alejandra Briones. Cashman was, however, a part of the Emmy Winner KOAT team (her previous channel’s squad) that was honored for covering Donald Trump’s rally in Rio Rancho in 2019. She is also known for her dare reporting in El Paso, where Walmart’s deadly mass shooting took place, and covering the issues related to Mexico/New Mexico border.

Shelby’s Career

Cashman earned her degree in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Michigan in 2013. Though, she started working for the Big Ten Network as a Production Assistant in December 2011: before coming out of the University. In May 2012, Shelby became a Research & Programming Intern at ESPN. There, she was responsible for documenting the critical data related to daily ESPN ratings using AsRun excel.

KOCO 5 News interview set
KOCO 5 News interview set | Source: official website

In May 2012, Shelby joined Roadside Entertainment as a 2012 ESPY Awards Intern, where she researched and created audio & visual content using Wiretap and Avid. Later, Cashman again started working at Big Ten Network as a Student U in August 2012. In September 2012, Shelby became a part of State Champs! Network as a reporter and wrote, shot, and edit stories concerning Metro Detroit’s High School Sports. Eventually, Cashman found working for a Fox 45 as a Producer/Multimedia Host in July 2013. In February 2014, Shelby started working at WXAC News as a General Assignment Reporter, where he eventually rose to become a Late News Anchor in March 2014.

More Local news from

After almost two years, Shelby switched to KOKH as a news journalist in September 2015 and later became a KOAT-TV News Anchor in January 2019. Presently, Cashman has been providing her services as a Morning News Anchor for KOCO News since October 2020.

KOCO Weather Team

KOCO 5 News weather team logoKOCO 5 News has an exceptional team of meteorologists called the First Alert Weather Team, bringing all the latest weather news to you and your family. Like the KOCO news team, the weather team also perform their responsibilities intelligently. They forecast the weather of Oklahoma City and nearby regions. Moreover, the meteorologists’ team forecasts the weather and climatic changes of the city precisely. The people of the city use to follow the weather updates and predictions right from their smartphones.

Damon Lane: Chief Meteorologist at KOCO Weather

Damon LaneDamon Lane is the First Alert Storm Team 5’s Chief Meteorologist working for KOCO Weather for more than 11 years. During his service at Channel 5 OKC, Lane has covered various severe weather events and chases numerous storms. Damon and the KOCO 5 Weather team are exclusively certified by Weatherate. Whereas, Weatherate is a scientific organization that oversees weather forecasting accuracy in the United States, as providing the most accurate weather forecasts in the region. Being born in Northern Virginia, Damon was curious about the weather and science from the beginning. He received two bachelor’s degrees: one from Old Dominion University in Communications/Media and the other from the University of North Carolina at Asheville in Atmospheric Sciences.

Damon is Oklahoma City’s only Chief Meteorologist having the CBS certificate from The American Meteorologist Society, a higher level of Seal of Approval that is only granted to the most expert and capable meteorologists in the nation.

Lane’s Career

At present, Damon serves as a featured speaker at various national weather conferences and is a frequent guest on ABC’s Good Morning America. There, he tells stories about his experiences working in the country’s most active weather spot. Lane was also appeared in the 20/20 primetime special by ABC “In an Instant,” a nationally televised documentary about the tornado outbreak in 2013 that wreaked havoc in Moore, Oklahoma.

KOCO 5 News Newscasters
KOCO 5 News Newscasters | Courtesy: official website

Damon even covered the terrible tornado that struck his neighborhood. During that time, his wife rode out to take shelter along with their dogs while several nearby houses were ripped off the earth. Ever since he has been doing a great job in community recovery efforts. Lane’s reporting of the tornado outbreak earned him a nomination in Emmy.

Before coming to KOCO Weather, Damon used to serve the KTXS News in Abilene as a Chief Meteorologist. There, his duties included predicting severe weather at the Tornado Valley’s southern edge. The Abilene community has awarded him ‘Abilene’s Favorite Meteorologist’ thrice in a row. Although, he left the KTCS in August 2009, after serving the channel for more than four years. Now, he has been working for KOCO News since then.

Kyle Hamm: First Alert Storm Chaser at KOCO News

Kyle HammKyle Hamm is a multi-talented personality who serves as a Storm Chaser, News Operations Manager, and Chief Photographer at KOCO Weather. During the threatening times of severe weather, Hamm can be found leading the First Alert Storm Team together with Michael Armstrong, a field meteorologist. Kyle was obsessive about Oklahoma’s climate since childhood.  He is one of the oldest members of the First Alert Weather Team who joined the station in 1981. It has been 40 years, and Hamm seems to be enjoying his every second in this channel. Hamm has reported countless severe weathers in his life, including the 1992’s Hurricane Andrew in both Louisiana and Miami. Over the course of years, Kyle has claimed various awards and received an Emmy nomination for covering the Laverne Tornado in the 90s.

Kyle’s one of the memorable moments at the station was when he traveled alongside Michael Armstrong (field meteorologist) and Damon lane (Chief Meteorologist) in First Alert Storm Command vehicle and covered the historic Harvey Hurricane in 2017. According to him, after talking with the affected people who had received a lot of damage (both physically and financially), he realized nature has extraordinary power.

Hamm’s Career Life

Hamm earned his degree in BS Communications from the Phillips University in 1977. After completing the education, Kyle got a chance to serve as a Station Manager at the same University two years later, in 1979. There, he used to telecast public-service shows that the university used to air in the KEY-TV Studio on the campus of Phillips University. Though, he didn’t stick there for long and eventually moved to Channel 5, Oklahoma, and started serving the station as a News Operations Manager. From capturing severe weather on camera to leading the squads from the channel’s weather center, Kyle has been providing his quality services to KOCO News for more than 400 years. All the station’s team members respect his seniority at NBC OKC.

KOCO 5 News Weather Services

Here below you can see all the weather services of the KOCO 5 TV channel. From First Alert Storm Command Weather Truck to KOCO Radar, KOCO 5 News Chipper, Weather Truck for KOCO 5 News, the weather section includes various services.

First Alert Storm Command weather truck

First Alerts Storm Command is an incredible storm chasing vehicle loaded with a satellite uplink. It also has the ability to go live through a cellphone or TV U system. The vehicle has a POV camera as well, with these cameras, the driver can actually do live shots while driving and chasing the storm and bringing the latest information about severe weather to the community of Oklahoma.

KOCO 5 News Radar

Track the weather condition in Oklahoma City, including storms and rain anywhere in the city, with the station’s highly developed interactive radar. The radar has several options to browse through e.g., by clicking at the bottom right corner on the layers menu, you can explore Storm Tracks, Current Conditions, and Feels Like Temps. You can also get to know the detail about the current severe weather conditions in the region. Moreover, viewers can zoom in to see the street view and zoom out to watch the entire region.

KOCO 5 News App

You can download the KOCO 5 News app from the Google play store to get real-time news updates. Following are the key features of the KOCO news app:

  • Watch live stream breaking news
  • Update yourself with the weather conditions
  • Get hourly and seven-day forecasts
  • Interactive KOCO weather radar allows you to zoom in and out to street level
  • KOCO breaking news
  • Watch videocasts live from the channel’s favorite weather personalities.
  • Get the KOCO live stream directly on the mobile device.

Programs and News Shows

Currently, KOCO news is broadcasting in accordance with the ABC network schedule. Until 2004, the TV channel usually aired the first hour of the telethon on tape delay. The channel also performed as the local broadcaster of the United Cerebral Palsy Star-athon. Here below is the list of some popular programs of KOCO OKC. However, you can watch these programs according to the KOCO TV schedule.

KOCO5 Teacher of The Month

The nominations of Teacher of the Month use to held every month. Nominate the teacher for receiving an award of $1000 towards new classroom supplies courtesy of Quail Creek Bank. The channel chose a new winner every month during the school year. You can also send them your details if you think you are an eligible teacher.

Matter of Fact

Matter of Fact is a special State of Addiction program that on air every Wednesday on KOCO 5. Soledad O’Brien is the host of the show. Whereas, it is a one-hour special program focused on the opioid crisis in the United States, with local reporting from KOCO 5 studios. It is also a part of a year-long multi-platform investigative and news series.

Matter of fact TV program was initially premiered in November 2015. It was presented by Fernando Espueals, a political commentator and entrepreneur. Furthermore, O’Brian took place of the Fernando in the 2016-17 season and started anchoring America’s one of the highest-rated TV programs. The TV program was awarded a NATPE Iris Award of Excellence by NATPE (National Association Television Program Executives).

In October 2020, together with the Matter of Fact producers, O’Brien decided to introduce a ‘listening tour’ on justice and race along with ‘The Hard Truth About Bias: Images and Reality, a 1 hour and 15 minutes digital special. These were streamed live on several consumer media brands of the Hearst Communication, such as the TV channels including Channel 5 OKC, numerous magazines, newspapers, and over the Matter of Fact’s digital platforms: Facebook, YouTube, and Website.

Matter of Fact
Matter of Fact | Source: official website

State of Addiction

Just like other motivative programs, the channel also runs a special activity for drug-addicted citizens. The team of experienced journalists covers the stories of addicted people for others to learn a lesson. Moreover, the channel aims to remove the curse of drugs from the lives of the young generation. And they are going towards the right path to achieve their goal.

Popular Programs of KOCO5 News

KOCO News clears the considerable portion of programming from ABC and MeTV. ABC News Nightline, ABC World News Now, Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren, America This Morning, The Kelly Clarkson Show are among the most watched Television programs at Channel 5 OKC.

The Conners The Icewoman Cometh American Housewife Prom This Week with George Stephanopoulos KOCO 5 News
Jimmy Kimmel Live ABC News Nightline America This Morning ABC World News Now
The Dr. Oz Show True Crime: Philly Teacher Stabbed 20 Times: Was It Suicide or Murder? GMA3: What You Need to Know Full Court Press with Greta Van Susteren The Kelly Clarkson Show
ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Wheel of Fortune Great American Cities: Seattle Holey Moley Love at First Stroke This Week in Agribusiness
Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Buenos Aries: The Gaucho Way Jack Hanna’s Wild Countdown Thrills and Chills Rock the Park Los Angeles: From Surf to Snow WNBA Basketball Seattle Storm vs. Chicago Sky
Celebration of Service to America Awards Oh Baby! Growing Up on Greener Pastures The Good Doctor I Love You Celebrity Family Feud Cedric The Entertainer vs. Wayne Brady

Channel’s Overview

KOCO 5 News initially started its services on 2nd July 1954 using facility ID 12508. Hearst Television is the owner of the station subsidiary of Hearst Communications. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is the licensing authority of KOCO TV. The channel initially maintained studio facilities at East Randolph Avenue & North 2nd Street in northeastern Enid.

Studios and Transmitter of KOCO TV

The studios and transmitters of KOCO-TV situated on East Britton Road between North Eastern and North Kelley Avenues. Meanwhile, the transmitter coordinates of KOCO 5 News are 35°33′45.0″N 97°29′24.0″W using ERP of 65.7 kW.

KOCO 5 News studio
KOCO 5 News studio | Courtesy:

Cable and Dish Network Services of KOCO OKC

KOCO is available on Cox Communications channel 8 at cable in SD quality. Whereas the digital quality of the station available on channel 705 in high quality in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area. Besides most cable systems, it is available on channel 5 elsewhere within the city DMA. Moreover, you can also catch the channel on Dish Network and DirecTV throughout the market.

Affiliations of KOCO 5 News

Following are the affiliations of Channel 5 News OKC:

  • BC (since 1954)
  • MeTV (since 2012)
Tel: 405-478-3000
Tower Location: East Britton Road (Historic Route 66)
Brand Name: KOCO 5

Coverage Map

KOCO 5 News coverage map
KOCO 5 News coverage map | Source:

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