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NYC Local News, Weather on WNBC Live

NBC New York logoNBC New York is NBC’s one of the mainstream TV channels licensed to NYC, New York. The station can be turned in at Virtual CH 4 and operates under the possession of NBC Owned Television Stations, which is further owned by NBC Universal. WNBC News delivers the latest headlines from NYC, NBC NY weather reporting by Storm Team 4, sports coverage, community services, investigative journalism by I-Team, and traffic updates. Moreover, viewers can also enjoy several other exciting features such as 1st Look, Open House, Talk Stoop, George to the Rescue, New York  Live, Better Get Baquero, etc. NBC News NY Provides transmission on different local cable operators and over the official website “” via NBC New York live stream. NBC NY uses a branding “News 4 New York” and a catchphrase “The Now (is Here).”

“New York Live” is a lifestyle show providing the audience best things from NYC. Its “First Look” show is an Emmy-Award winning travel program exploring the best places in the world to indulge, play and eat. ‘George to the Rescue’ features a surprise revamp for needy families facing challenges. Moreover, ‘Better Get Baquero’ is a service by WNBC News presented by a Consumer Reporter Lynda Baquero. She commits to answer every email and phone call requesting information or help.

Watch NBC New York Live Stream free

Aside from watching local WNBC news and WNBC Weather coverage on a cable network, over-the-air, and satellite network, viewers can easily access the channel on the internet. Channel 4 news New York has everything for everyone to show. Hit the play button below and experience the smooth NBC New York live stream. The TV Schedule includes news shows, local political updates, weather updates and criminal and investigative news. Please wait for a stream to load as it could take time.

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General FAQ related to NBC News 4 NY

Audience often request information about WNBC-TV while searching for answers over the internet.

What Channel is NBC on Dish Network in New York?

New York residents can watch NBC 4 New York on their Dish Network service via WNBC New York live stream at CH 4. Tune in to this Channel number and access your favorite NBC station in New York.

What Channel is NBC in Ithaca, NY?

NBC New York provides its transmission in Ithaca, NY at the same Channel number 4 as it delivers to other regions. You can watch it over cable, satellite, or even on a smartphone through NBC New York live stream.

What Channel is NBC in Albany, NY?

You can watch the local news headlines from WNBC News in the Albany NY area at CH 4. Viewers can also enjoy many other exciting TV shows in Albany.

NBC News NY works alongside Telemundo-owned Linden-licensed WNJU CH 47 in the form of a duopoly. NBC Studios New York facilities co-exist with NBC’s corporate headquarters at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Midtown Manhattan. However, both NBC New York and WNJU use the same antenna for dispersing signals, located at One World Trade Center. NBC NY is considered to be one of the oldest currently operating commercial TV services in the USA.

In few parts of the USA, where viewers can not access the channel over the radio waves, NBC NY can be tuned in on satellite via DirectTV through NBC New York live stream. Furthermore, it is also available on Dish Network and few other cable networks in the market where a local NBC channel can’t operate. Meanwhile, DirecTV also provides WNBC live stream in Greater LA for an extra monthly fee.

NBC New York live coverage HQ
30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10112 | Courtesy:

The Firsts for NBC New York

Over the years, NBC New York has claimed several firsts since its inauguration. WNBC News was first to:

  • Air Broadway Drama in June 1938.
  • Cover news transmission with a mobile vehicle in November 1938.
  • Broadcast Presidential Speech of Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1939.
  • Telecast live coverage of National Football League, Major League Baseball, and College Sports in 1939.
  • Present live telecast of National Hockey League and religious services in 1940.
  • Feature Political convention, i.e., 1940 Republican National Convention in 1940.
  • Broadcast a film “The Crooked Circle” on 18 June 1940.

Furthermore, NBC News NY was one of the firsts fully licensed TV services in the USA. As both NBC and CBS channels were licensed on the exact same date, that’s why none of them claim the “first” spot exclusively.

NBC 4 New York Mobile App

With the catchphrase “The Now (is Here),” NBC New York Mobile app connects you with WNBC News, WNBC Weather, investigative journalism, top stories, NBC New York live stream, entertainment, and more. The app also features personalized news notifications, video clips, award-winning investigative stories, weather reports based on your GPS location, and live StormTracker 4 radar.

If you are away from town and can’t get to your TV for a while; No worries, you can still keep in touch with the local, new headlines with WNBC live stream. Moreover, it also helps consumers with the “Better Get Baquero” service. The app is rated 4.4 by the users, and they are quite satisfied with its services.

NBC New York news team
NBC New York news team | Source: facebook page

9/11 and NBC News NY

On 11 September 2001, during the terrorist attack, the transmitter facilities of NBC N were destroyed along with eight other NYC area operated TV channels and several radio networks. It was the worst terrorist attack in the history of the United States when two hijacked planes hit the building, and the World Trade Center collapsed. The tragedy cost NBC not only transmitter facilities but also an engineer Bill Steckman, who was there in the building together with six other engineers from different TV channels. As a result, the network provisionally fed its transmission to three UHF channels that were still telecasting.

Since the year 2005, NBC NY has aired its transmission from the Empire State Building located in Midtown Manhattan. It was the station’s original antenna place, where it uses to broadcast content from the 1930s to 1970s. Later, in 2017, they declared that the channel would now start airing transmission from One World Trade Center at the Lower Manhattan at the end of this year.

NBC News studio building
NBC News studio building

The Roots of WNBC News

The history of NBC Channel 4 New York goes way back to 1928 when Radio Corporation of America decided to launch an experimental TV channel W2XBS; just two years after NBC, the country’s first extensive radio network, was established. The network initially started telecasting on 2.0 to 2.1 MHz frequencies. However, in 1929, the channel modified its antenna and broadcast facilities to carry the coverage of 60 vertical lines at 20 frames/second on the frequencies of 2.75 to 2.85 MHz. Felix, the cat, is considered one of the first images ever telecasted by the TV service in 1928 when Radio Corporation of America chose a Bakelite Felix doll for an experimental telecast on W2XBS.

Overview – About Channel 4 News

W2XBS acquired a commercial license on 24 June 1941 under the call-letters WNBT as an NBC affiliate network. At the same time, on the same day, CBS affiliate WCBW also came into existence. Due to this, neither of the channels can exclusively boast about being the first to launch service as a commercial network in the area. However, NBC New York aired its first telecast at 1:30 pm, one hour before the CBS affiliate. Therefore, NBC NY unintentionally holds the discrepancy as to the oldest operating TV service in the USA.

WNBT used to telecast originally at CH 1. On its very first day, NBC News NY telecasted the first official TV advertisement of the world before the match between Philadelphia Phillies and Brooklyn Dodgers. The ads were about Bulova watches, for that they paid anywhere around 4 dollars to 9 dollars.

 Over the History Important Changes to NBC NY

The network’s full broadcasting started on 1 July 1941. On 8 May 1945, WNBT began hours of a newscast at the end of the Second World War in Europe and remotes from NYC. In 1946, NBC News NY changed its Virtual CH number from 1 to 4. On 18 October 1954, the network changed its calls from WNBT to WRCA-TV. However, later on, 22 May 1960, they decided to flip them once again into WNBC-TV. The callsigns were previously used by NBC in 1957 on one of its TV service in New Britain, Connecticut, which they sold in 1960. NBC News 4 NY is also known to be the birthplace of one of the popular TV programs, “The Tonight Show” it started airing on NBC as a local late-night show in 1953.

The show was introduced by the NBC executive Sylvester “Pat” Weaver and “The Steve Allen Show” in 1954.

NBC NY 4 News studio “Studio 6B” was home to Johnny Carson, Jack Parr, and Jimmy Fallon. However, The Tonight Show was produced in the channel’s LA studios. On 1 June 1992, NBC New York decided to drop TV suffix from its calls and only kept WNBC letters, with the latest brand name “4 New York”. On 5 September 1995, WNBC changed its branding into “NBC 4” as a general.

Though, for newscast service, it decided to keep the brand name “NewsChannel 4”. Later, “4 New York” branding was once again put into operation.

WNBC News Anchors & Reporters

NBC New York is continuously serving the community for more than 79 years with the best broadcast services due to its quality performance. The area’s #1 WNBC News anchors, reporters, and investigative journalists handle the network’s news department. They work with only one mission, and that is “never compromise in quality, no matter what.” The public trusts their journalism skills and relies on them during critical times, such as elections, protests, etc.

David Ushery: The Most Experienced News Anchor at WNBC News

David Ushery is an Emmy Award Winner journalist working at NBC News NY for more than 17 years; he is one of the prestigious NBC New York news anchors. He is currently a co-host of weekday newscasts “NBC 4 New York at 4 pm” & “NBC 4 News York at 11 pm”. David is one of the oldest members of the channel’s exclusive news squad. Ushery covered several important and biggest news stories around the Tri-state and across the globe during his tenure.

David completed his graduation in Journalism and Political Science in 1989 from the University of Connecticut. Right after completing the degree, Ushery started working as a Television New Reporter at WFSB-TV in September 1989. Later, he became an anchor/reporter at WABC-TV in August 1993. However, after working there for nine whole years, he moved to NBC New York in August 2003 and started appearing as Anchor/Reporter. Since then, he has been delivering quality news coverage to the NY community and covering the major events for the channel.

Lynda Baquero: Two-Times Emmy Winner Journalist

Lynda Baquero is among the few talented NBC New York news anchors serving the channel for a long time. She is a two-times Emmy Winner operating at NBC NY, one of the NBC-franchise’s flagship stations, providing Channel 4 New York News, feature stories, and special reports. She has served the channel in many ways, including one month in Atlanta (1996) and Salt Lake City (2002) carrying the Olympic Games for NBC Network. Furthermore, she was also the first host of the show “Hispanics Today.”

NBC New York news room
NBC New York news room | Source: official webiste

Baquero did her BA in Journalism from New York University. In 1984, she took her first step in Journalism as an Associate Producer at WNJU-TV. Later, she decided to carry the same job on WCBS-TV in September 1987. In June 1992, Lynda became an Anchor & Reporter at NY1 News. There she was responsible for featuring stories, writing & producing Breaking news reports, and delivering consumer news. In October 1995, she ultimately ended up being a part of New York NBC News TV news team as a Reporter/Anchor. It has been 25 years since she joined the World’s one of the best TV service. During that time, she worked so hard and rose to the ranks eventually.

More Local News from NYC: WABC TV New York

Storm Team 4 New York

NBC New York Storm Team 4 Logo

Keep an eye over the New York Weather with the WNBC Weather services. It provides detailed & comprehensive climate reports to the community and uses high-tech weather equipment including the interactive radar “Storm Tracker 4.” All these things, together with a dependable team of meteorologists “Storm Team 4,” makes a good combination and deliver the accurate WNBC Weather reportd to the people of New York. The team has a history of dealing with major weather events such as Hurricane Katrina. There is a number of experienced people in the squad working for NBC News NY for decades.

Janice Huff: Most Trusted NBC NY Weather Reporter

Mr. Huff is known to be the most trustworthy WNBC Weather anchor, reporter, and forecaster, serving the NBC NY Weather team for almost 25 years. Janice Huff is the chief meteorologist of NBC News New York, providing weather forecast for the channel’s 5 pm, 6 pm, and 11 pm news service. Janice has a history of providing the most accurate weather reporting to the viewers; that’s how she earned her name as the most trusted weather reporter.

Huff became a part of the WNBC New York team in January 1995 and worked for several positions at NBC during that period. Before that, she used to serve KRON-TV San Francisco; she was a primary weathercaster in that channel since 1991. Janice put a lot of effort into both the broadcast journalism and meteorology department and earned great respect. Moreover, she also happens to anchor the “Wednesday’s Child” program.

David Price: Weather Anchor at New York NBC

David Price has been serving the WNBC Weather team for quite some time now. During his time, he worked both as the news anchor and fill-in weather reporter at WNBC NY. Before becoming a part of the NBC NY team, David used to co-host Good Day New York by Fox 5 and act as a weather anchor at The Early Show by CBS. Meanwhile, he also used to cover some significant weather events for CBS Evening News.

Jen Maxfield with Gus Rosendale
Jen Maxfield with Gus Rosendale | Source: facebook page

NBC News NY TV shows

Get access to tons of entertaining and exciting TV shows from NBC Four NY, including Channel 4 New York news programs, NBC NY Weather coverage, live sports, traffic updates, NBCLX transmission, contests, and more. Moreover, NBC NY 4 also hosts several fun shows, just to chill the audience and take their minds away from depressing news, such as Ellen’s Game of Games, Weakest Link, Talk Stoop, 1st Look, Saturday Night Live, Football Night in America, The Blacklist, The Kelly Clarkson Show, Dateline NBC, and few others.

1st Look: NBC’s one of the best-rated Programs

1st Look is NBC’s Emmy Award Winner Lifestyle program that takes the audience to the World’s hottest places for crazy adventures, amazing fun nights, and delicious eats. Every week meet Johnny Bananas as he takes you to the wonderland. From the farmer’s markets of LA, the Caribbean Beaches, the K-Town’s nightlife to the château of France, Join Bananas for the adventures, fun, and the experiences of “1st Look”.

There are total seven seasons in the traveling show, with its first episode being aired on 4 October 2008. Since the inception, the program has had eleven different hosts, starting with the original presenters Angela Sun and Gardner Loulan. Later, in January 2014, 1st Look introduced a new host Audrina Partridge, but she served the show for one year and a few months.

On 6 Oct 2015, they declared a replacement from Audrina, “Ashley Roberts,” who took her over completely on 8 January 2016. The lifestyle show’s current host “Johnny Bananas” appointed as the new host of the program. Thus, in September of the same year, he took the role from Roberts and started anchoring the program.

Talk Stoop: Talk Show by NBC New York

Talk Stoop by NBC News NY is one of the popular Talk shows by the NBC Universal Network. Nessa, the current presenter of the Show, conducts interviews of actors, politicians, athletes, musicians, and all other types of personalities—on stoops around New York City. Take a seat, have a cup of tea, and get ready to listen to their stories. The show first hit the waves in 2009.

Roberto Muñoz Castro with news van
Roberto Muñoz Castro with news van | Courtesy: official webiste

Talk Stoop airs in the top 9 US TV markets and can be accessed on out of home screens, such as gas stations and cabs, around entire America.  The program has a viewership of more than 12 million per month. Moreover, it also broadcasts in taxi cabs and thus reaches up to 12.4 million viewers in NYC, Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, Boston, San Francisco, Dallas, and Miami.

TV Schedule of WNBC News

Following table shows the complete list of WNBC TV schedule. All these shows can be accessed at “” via NBC New York live stream.

Chicago P.D. The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Chicago Fire A Little Late with Lilly Singh
Chicago Med News 4NY at 11 pm Late Night with Seth Meyers Early Today
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt Today in New York The Kelly Clarkson Show Today
New York Live Today with Hoda & Jenna Access Daily Days of Our Lives
Today III The Ellen DeGeneres Show All Access Access Hollywood
Superstore Dateline NBC Law & Order: Special Victim Unit The Blacklist
1st Look Open House NYC House Smarts George to Rescue
Saturday Today A New Leaf Earth Odyssey with Dylan Dreyer Monster Jam
The Champion Within IMSA Auto Racing NBC Nightly News: Weekend Edition Saturday Night Live
American Ninja Warrior Talk Stoop Matter of Fact Sunday Today
Joel Osteen Meet the Press FanDuel’s More Ways to Win! Swimming
Access Hollywood Weekend Football Night in America ISU Figure Skating NFL Football
Sports Final Weakest Link The Voice This is US
Tel: 212-664-4444
Tower Location: One World Trade Center
Brand Name: NBC 4 New York

Channel Coverage

NBC New York coverage map
NBC New York coverage map | Source:
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