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Channel 28 Watertown Live

WNYF CD Fox 28 LogoWNYF CD is a Fox-affiliate Class A-LP TV station serving the area of Watertown, New York at Virtual CH 28. It is a sister TV channel to WNYY TV 7- a CBS affiliate service licensed to Carthage, New York. The channel operates under the ownership and management of Gray Television, the same as its sibling.

Fox 28 news Watertown Live covers the news coverage, weather transmission, live sports, and entertainment from Watertown. It also features health reports, community events, contests, Fox 28 Watertown NY NFL schedule, and many other exciting services. Viewers can watch the comprehensive telecast of WNYF CD on their local cable networks or over-the-air via satellite. However, they can also get it anywhere in the world over the official website via WNYF live stream. WNYF CD uses the brand name 7 News and the tagline Your North Country Fox for the newscast.

WNYF CD Live Streaming

Fox 28 News Watertown NY provides breaking news and sports telecast to the viewers in HD with WNYF live stream. If you are not in the home and can’t access the station on TV, you can still remain updated about the latest conditions in town anywhere in the world with the channel’s live streaming coverage on mobile phone or laptop. Plus, you can also watch several exciting TV programs in different categories.

Both 7 News Fox 28 Watertown NY and WWNY share the same location for studios, i.e. Arcade St in downtown Watertown, together with NY 3/NY 12. However, the network’s antenna is based in Champion Hill, along with NY 126. The channel doesn’t host a separate website for its digital coverage; instead, it shares it with WWNY TV 7.  Same as the website, Channel 28 News Watertown also takes news content, news team, weather team, mobile app, and other leading services from the sister network.

As the WNYF Fox 28 Antenna isn’t strong enough to reach the entire market, viewers can also access the network’s coverage on the second digital sub-station of WWNY 7 in SD from the Champion Hill at Virtual CH 7.2. Charter Spectrum users can tune in to the WNYF CD at CH 2.


Fox 28 News Watertown Live has an extensive network of programming mostly based on news transmission. However, WNYF Fox 28 also features several categories and genres. Viewers can tune in to CH 28 on Dish-TV and watch their favorite shows via WNYF live stream.

The following table shows the comprehensive list of programs presented by Channel 28 News Watertown.

Cosmos: Possible Worlds L.A.’s Finest Mom Jeopardy!
2 Broke Girls TMZ Right this Minute Daily Mail TV
Judge Mathis 7 News This Morning Lauren’s Lake’s Paternity Court The People’s Court
Hot Bench Divorce Court Protection Court The Dr. Oz Show
Mike & Molly The King of Queens Last Man Standing Two and a Half Men
NEXT 7 News Tonight at Fox The Masked Singer NFL Pre-game Show


Before being an independent network, WNYF Watertown was a translator for WWTI CH 50, an ABC-affiliate channel. It used to operate with the calls W25AB & W28BC. At that time, both WWNY and WWTI used to be secondary fox affiliate services. The reason why WWNY was keeping a secondary affiliate was none other than the NFL games which CBS didn’t have rights to telecast at that time.

WNYF CD Fox 28 Studio
WNYF CD Fox 28 Studio | Courtesy: Facebook Page

In 2001, Smith Broadcasting formed an agreement with WWNY News and United Communications to make W25AB & W28BC proper Fox-affiliated networks. Later, the channel eventually flipped the call letters to WNYF-LP and eventually decided to jump from CH 25 to CH 28. Later, it was transformed into WNYF-CA.

On 25 August 2008, WNYF CD got permission from Federal Communication Commission to launch its own HD digital service as WNYF CD on CH 35, when WWNY-DT decided to go back t its original analog position on CH 7 On 17 Feb 2009. Currently, WNYF TV operates as Virtual CH 28 under the calls WNYF CD by using the name Gray Television. It is affiliated to Fox Network and MeTV.

Tel: 315-788-3800
Website: https://www.wwnytv.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/7NewsWatertown
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WWNY7.WNYF28
Tower Location: NY 126/State Street on Champion Hill
Brand Name: Fox 28 

Coverage Map

WNYF CD Fox 28 Coverage Map
WNYF CD Fox 28 Coverage Map | Source: www.publicfiles.fcc.gov
Source7 News
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