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ABC Channel 13 News Houston LogoABC 13 News is an ABC-operated TV network providing services to Houston, Texas. KTRK News works under the ownership of ABC Owned Television Stations by The Walt Disney Company. The station offers Houston News live, local news, political reports, ABC 13 Plus, Channel 13 News Houston Today, Ted Oberg Investigates, and traffic updates. ABC 13 Houston also features Breaking News Houston, KTRK Weather, Healthcheck, sports services, cool spaces, SkyDrone 13, Turn to Ted, national & world news, Buzz Worthy, KTRK Radar, and more.
Get the Channel 13 News Houston services on different cable networks, satellite services, and over the station’s official website via KTRK live stream. Viewers can also enjoy its services on a mobile app and other streaming platforms such as Roku, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and other services. KTRK TV uses the brand name ABC 13 Eyewitness News and a tagline Houston’s News Leader.

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Watch Houston Texas News, KTRK Weather, latest political news, the weather forecast predicted by KTRK weather radar, and live sports telecast via KTRK live stream. Moreover, the audience can also enjoy different live interviewers, sports debates, Channel 13 News Houston Today, and different exciting TV series such as The Rookie and Castle. All you need to do is to click the button below and you can enjoy the HD live streaming service of KTRK TV.

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General FAQs

What Channel is ABC in Houston:
U-Verse Channel 13
Comcast Channel 13
DirecTV Channel 13
Antenna Channel 13 (VHF), Digital Channel 32
Dish Channel 6389 in HD
Xfinity Channel 13
What Channel is KTRK?

KTRK is available to tune in on several cable networks and satellite services at Virtual CH 13. Viewers can enjoy Houston Local News, ABC programming, and other exciting game shows live on KTRK live stream.

What is Don nelson KTRK age?

There isn’t any info about the age of Don Nelson from Channel 13 Houston anywhere on social media or over the channel’s official bio page. Don Nelson was an amazing news reporter and star in broadcast journalism who started his career at ABC 13 News as an On-Air Reporter. After serving the channel for almost 40 years, (39 years four-month to be exact), Don took retirement from his journalism career in February 2015. Channel 13 News Houston was the only channel that Nelson served in his entire career life. He learned a lot from the station, and ABC 13 Houston also received a lot of benefit from the legendary news personality.

How old is Tom Koch KTRK?

Tom Koch, KTRK’s experienced news reporter, did not reveal his age to the public during his service. Therefore, there isn’t any information about his birthday. Tom remained a part of ABC 13 News for around 40 years. He anchored the channel’s morning news program ABC13 Morning Newscast for almost 33 years. Tom is an award-winning news personality who covered NASA, the Texas legislature, and Houston City Hall. Apart from these, he has also reported ten hurricanes and 12 national political conventions. KOCH said goodbye to the channel in February 2021.

How old is Bob Allen KTRK?

Bob Allen Age

Bob Allen was a sports director at KTRK News who died at the age of seventy due to cancer. He served the Houston Community as a sports journalist for more than four years. Allen completed his education at Stephen F. Austin State University in 1970 and then joined KTRK. He was an inspiration to all the Houston sports fans. There is one voice that always stands out from the rest while debating sports, and Bob was that voice. He lived a wonderful life and covered several Houston games over the years.

After serving the ABC Houston for more than 39 years, Allen left the KTRK Houston in January 2013, and a few months later, in April 2013, he joined KHOU as a sports director. The viewers were stunned by Bob’s decision to leave KTRK TV. Allen’s death left hundreds of people in sorrow, as he was one of the most loved journalists in Houston.

How old is Dave Ward KTRK?

Dave Ward is 81 years old news personality who worked for Channel 13 News Houston for more than a half-century. He started working for the ABC Houston in 1966 as a photographer/reporter and eventually became a permanent weekday evening anchor for two years in 1968. Ward has a record of being the longest-running news journalist in US television.

He broke the record in 2015 by surpassing the previous record-holder Hal Fishman. Dave started his broadcasting career at KGKB radio while studying at Tyler Junior College (1960). Three years later, he moved to WACO Radio as a staff announcer and then joined KNUZ Radio Houston in 1963 as a full-time journalist. In 1966, ABC 13 News Houston welcomed Dave Ward in their team.

Is KTRK a news station in Houston TX?

KTRK, A News Station or Not?

Yes, KTRK 13 is a news channel operating in Houston TX, that provides local Houston news today, Houston Texas breaking news, Channel 13 Houston Weather, and a variety of ABC programming in Houston and its nearby areas. The news channel stands side by side with KHOU News, its competitor station in Houston. Moreover, it also has a history of generating valued content and producing legendary records over the years.

Is KTRK ABC 13 leaving Xfinity?

No, ABC 13 Houston is still a part of the Xfinity group. Recently, Xfinity has made a move and removed some of the US TV stations from the neighboring markets in certain regions on 31 March 2021 and 6 April 2021. The reason why they did this is still unclear; however, it seems there was some dispute between the service provider Xfinity and certain TV channels. They are now no longer provide the coverage of those channels in few US areas. You can see the list of those channels on Xfinity’s official website. Although, Houston people should be pleased because Channel 14 Houston still exists in the list of their channel lists which they will continue to provide.

Is KTRK on Roku?

Yes, Roku provides KTRK live stream to the viewers in Houston. Roku digital media player covers almost all the TV stations in the United States. It is a paid streaming platform that offers HD streaming to the users directly casting from the internet to the user’s TV screen. From breaking news coverage to live sports, live weather reporting, crime newscasts, and localish programming, Roku provides everything that people necessitate in their regular life.

ABC 13 News Team

KTRK News Team consists of experienced news personalities with years of experience in providing accurate newscasts to the Houston Area and its nearby regions. ABC 13 News Team offers 44.55 hours of local newscasts every week, including 7.05 hours each weekday, 5 hours during Saturdays, and 4.5 hours on Sundays. Moreover, since 1991, the experienced team of news journalists is hosting the channel’s 35 minutes newscast on weeknights and 10 pm newscasts for 60-minutes on weekends. ABC 13 News Team also presents Channel 13 News Houston Today.

KTRK Channel 13 has maintained its reputation of being the news-intensive news channel in the area because of the extraordinary skills of its talented news team. ABC 13 Houston News has one of the bests newscast teams in Houston, and it has generated several big names in history that are popular around the entire United States because of their legendary reporting skills.

From a road street murder to a Presidential speech, the network’s skilled reporters and anchors have covered everything. Chauncy Glover, Brhe Berry, Chaz Miller, Cory McGinnis, and Art Rascon are popular names among the team of journalists.

Steven Romo: News Anchor at ABC 13 News

Steven RomoSteven Romo is an award-winner news anchor and one of the top-rated KTRK reporters who served numerous channels in Houston and other areas, including KTRK News. Romo has reported a number of stories, including terrorism, border issues, presidential politics, fitness, education, and more. Steven finds it rewarding to root out common issues, investigate them, and make them available to the audience.

When not reporting, Romo works out, reads, watches sci-fi films, and watches the news. Moreover, he also likes to interact with his fans on Twitter.

Steven's Career

Steven Romo did his graduation from Texas A&M University. In September 2008, Romo became a part of KFDX/KAUZ as a reporter/anchor/producer. In February 2010, he started working for KZTV 10 CBS as a Multimedia Journalist and anchor. He was an MMJ for KRIS 6 from Monday to Friday and an anchor for the Action 10-weekend newscast. In December 2011, Steven joined KCEN as the Main Anchor. He also anchors and co-produces KAGS evening newscasts on weekdays.

Later, Romo became KJRH anchor and reporter in September 2013 and began to host a weekend morning newscast. He eventually started conducting weekend evenings and later a 5 pm newscast from Monday to Friday. Plus, in KJRH, Steven also reported on special and general assignments. Romo, ultimately, found himself working for The Walt Disney Company as a reporter and anchor in Channel 13 Houston.

Brhe Berry: Reporter at ABC 13 News Houston

Brhe BerryBrhe Berry has been a part of the KTRK Reporters Team since February 2009. She has been reporting traffic conditions in Houston and other important events in town for more than two years. Some of her best services include appointing with different military units, reporting Hurricane Florence.

Berry has also covered Lafayette’s Grand Theatre shooting and spent two years investigating into matter that resulted in releasing three wrongfully convicted persons after remaining in jail for more than 25 years.

Since the beginning, Berry loves to serve others. She is a kind sister who has been taking care of her sisters and brothers for various years. Moreover, she is a volunteer at the SPCA. In her free time, Brhe spends quality time in a family consisting of a husband and two dogs. She also likes to explore new places every day, tries new restaurants, and goes for a run.

Erik Barajas and Mayra Moreno Ready for News Coverage
Erik Barajas and Mayra Moreno Ready for News Coverage | Credits: twitter
Berry’s Career Life

Brhe did her graduation in Broadcast Journalism and Sports Communication in 2013 from James Madison University. A year later, Berry started working for KFLY TV 10 as a Multimedia Journalist, Producer, and weekend Anchor. There she used to conduct evening live shots and anchor and produce weekend evening newscast. In March 2016, Berhi became a Morning News Anchor at KELO News. She used to air 2.5 hours of a morning news program that was a number one show in the market at that time.

 Her duties included writing news headlines, conducting breaking news, participating in daily strategic meetings. Editing scripts, teasing stories, conducting Facebook live updates and editing scripts. In December 2010, Berry was recruited into United States Army National Guard as a soldier. She was a member of a small team whose responsibility was creating, editing, documenting, and recording all crucial moments and critical events that happened inside the battalion.

Not to include her other services such as change of command ceremonies, award ceremonies, promotions, trainings, natural disasters, and whatnot. Later in August 2017, after serving the US Army National Guard for more than seven years, Berhi became a part of WTKR News 3 as an anchor and reporter. In February 2019, Berry joined ABC Houston as an anchor, reporter, and traffic reporter. She conducts the Houston Texas Breaking News and local Houston news within the area.

ABC 13 Accuweather Team

Channel 13 Houston Weather Team always keeps the area’s weather on the radar. They work hard just to provide the most accurate climate conditions in Houston and nearby areas. The team’s forecast and weather prediction are based on a Mega Doppler Houston KTRK Radar and other state-of-the-art equipment. KTRK Weather team consists of a small number of meteorologists Rachel Briers, Elita Loresca, Travos Herzog, and Kevin Roth.

Rachel Briers: Meteorologist at KTRK Weather

Rachel BriersRachel has been serving as a meteorologist at ABC 13 Houston Weather for more than two and a half years. She has been reading the weather in Texas for years, and during her experience, Rachel has conducted several weather-related interviews and stories.

Briers’ love for weather grew when she was a child. Her grandparents were a farmer, and they often used to discuss whether daily on a dinner table. Because of this, Rachel decided to go to school for weather journalism and started her journey as a weather journalist.

Briers has been living in Texas since the beginning. She spent her childhood in Plano and is more than happy to become a part of Channel 13 Houston Weather. In her free time, Rachel enjoys traveling, puppies and barre. Plus, her fans can find her around the Houston Sporting events throughout the year and at the rodeo in the spring.

Rachel’s Career Life

Rachel did her BS Atmospheric Sciences from Texas A&M University in 2014. She, however, began her career life in August 2012 as a meteorology Intern at KBTX Media. Later, Brier did an internship at WFAA TV for four months in May 2013.

Almost a year later, Rachel started her proper career at KLBK News as a meteorologist in June 2014. During her stay at KLBK, she produced and executed weather segments at 5 pm, 6 pm, and 10 pm newscasts during weekdays. Moreover, she also used to work with WSI graphics.

In July 2016, Rachel became a Chief Meteorologist at KWES NewsWest 9. After serving the ABC Houston for more than two years, Brier moved to KTRK Weather as a full-time meteorologist.

Kevin Roth: Meteorologist at KTRK Weather

Kevin RothKevin Roth is a temporary weather anchor and reporter at Channel 13 Houston Weather, covering the severe weather incidents in Houston. He has been working for Channel 13 Houston TX for more than one year. Roth is an expert in observing KTRK Weather radar and chasing thunderstorms.

When not working, Kevin reads good fantasy books and relishes breakin’ ankles on the basketball court. Moreover, he loves to travel and explore the latest cultures around the world. Kevin has recently visited Morocco, Japan, Egypt, and the Amazon Rainforest. Roth has a beautiful wife and a dog- who loves to chew sock.

Kevin’s Career

Roth completed his BS from Florida State University in 2008 and a Master in Atmospheric Sciences from Mississippi State University in 2011. Though, Kevin had already stepped into meteorology when he joined WABG in February 2010. A year later, he became a meteorologist at KSLA News in March 2011, where he worked for two years and seven months.

In January 2015, Roth started working as an Adjunct Professor at the University of North Texas. He used to perform classes and teach interviews in the University, along with preparing kids for the real TV News biz. In October 2013, Kevin started a job at KDAF as a Chief Meteorologist, where he used to cover live AM Weather for EyeOpener TV. For that, he was honored as the “Dallas’ favorite weatherman.”

After serving KDAF for almost five years, Roth joined in May 2014 as a Chief Meteorologist and began providing a forecast for all MLB games; he still works there. In March 2020, Kevin finally became a member of the ABC 13 News Houston Weather team as a temporary meteorologist.

KTRK Radar

KTRK Weather department works with great focus, efforts and provides the latest climate reports in the area based on KTRK Weather radar “ABC 13 Mega Doppler HD”. The Radar covers not only the Houston area but also the other nearby counties in Texas. Viewers can look at the Live Doppler 13 KTRK Radar both on a mobile app or official website.

The radar updates regularly with 5 minutes intervals, and it shows four different keys with different colors such as severe (yellow), flooding (green), tornado (purple), lightning (lightning symbol). Each of these symbols represents the certain weather condition on KTRK radar and let the people know about all the latest happenings.

KTRK Radar Maps

KTRK Weather Radar maps show the list of all those areas that fall under the ABC 13 Mega Doppler HD radar.

Houston KTRK Weather Radar Matagorda/Brazoria Galveston County KTRK Radar
Harris County Radar Southeast Texas Radar Liberty/Chambers KTRK Weather Radar
Fort Bend/Wharton/Colorado Radar Montgomery/San Jacinto/Grimes/Polk Radar Austin/Waller/Fayette/Washington Radar

ABC 13 News Houston Mobile Apps

Get the digital content of ABC Houston on your mobile phones with the station’s user-friendly mobile apps: ABC 13 Houston and ABC 13 Weather. ABC 13 Houston focuses on the channel’s news sections, whereas ABC 13 Weather app exclusively covers all the weather information. One can download these mobile apps both on Android Store and App Store. The developers keep checking the app for any potential bugs and introduce new features with every scheduled update.

ABC 13 Houston News App

With the catchphrase, Houston’s News Leader, ABC Houston news app leads the Houston area by providing KTRK Breaking News, Channel 13 News Houston Today, Channel 13 Houston Weather News, and Sports Transmission. The app also features Cy-Fair & Jersey Village news, Katy, Fulshear & Richmond News, Galveston & Bay Area news, Life, Food & Travel segment, and political reports.

ABC 13 News app offers the most important stories of the day for you and your family, curated by the channel’s editors. Viewers can also see the customized news feed of topics and locations that are of interest to you. Get news and weather alerts based on the topics and locations you select. Watch 6-day forecasts and hourly conditions for your locations of interest. Discover and watch live videos while reading stories and browsing the app. Moreover, the audience can also enjoy KTRK live stream anywhere, anytime.

ABC 13 News News Anchors
ABC 13 News News Anchors | Source: official website

Personalize the “My News” section according to your interest and remain informed about the stories that concern you. It creates a customized feed just for you based on the location and interest you choose. Furthermore, get real-time updates, navigates through tabs easily, and watch KTKR live stream.

ABC 13 News Houston Other Features

Other services including in ABC 13 News are:

  • Select personalized alerts about the topics and locations you want to, from sports news to entertainment hots, get the alerts about everything.
  • By navigating through the setting, you can easily choose your preferred location and receive KTRK breaking news notifications, traffic, and weather alerts in real-time from your region.
  • Shifting through live streams is as easy as changing the channels.
  • Discovering exclusive videos and live HD stream at the top of the application.
  • Finding the various latest exciting TV shows including the Channel 13 News Houston Today.
  • Receiving severe weather alerts about the angry weather and traffic alerts, so you remain updated about the situation out ther.
  • Finding real-time KTRK News Radar map along with comprehensive weather info from AccuWeather.

ABC 13 / AccuWeather App

Together with AccuWeather, KTRK TV helps the audience stay in the loop with the best weather in town. Before moving to the award-winning AccuWeather App, ABC 13 News Houston had an exclusive KTRK Weather app with only limited features.

The news weather app features the latest AccuWeather MinuteCast, which is a minute after minute precipitation forecast, specifically based on your exact street address. This new feature is only available in few counties.

Same as ABC 13 News App, ABC 13 Houston Weather App also offers its weather services with the same accuracy on both android and iOS. Moreover, users can also get pinpoint location forecasts. Its saved favorite location service allows the user to view quick forecasting.

ABC Channel 13 News Houston live coverage studio
ABC 13 News Houston live coverage studio | Source: facebook page

KTRK 13’s weather app has an innovative design that lets viewers take advantage of their smartphones in presenting weather information in a personalized manner. Plus, the app’s hourly, daily, and 15-day forecasts can easily be synchronized with your mobile calendar with specified weather for above 3m locations.

KTRK News Programming

ABC 13 News has been airing several kinds of shows for so long. However, while KTRK TV covered the entire ABC scheduled, it never once telecasted The Oprah Winfrey Show, which was the most important program on the ABC list. It had been aired on other ABC-owned and operated networks since 1986 until it was signed out in 2011.

Starting from 14 Sep 2015, ABC News 13 Houston started broadcasting Jeopardy! at 15:00 before Inside Edition; it makes Channel 13 News Houston Texas the last ABC O&O channel to air the long-running Quiz Program. Jeopardy later moved to a new timing, 11:30 am in 2019, following the 11 am newscast of ABC 13 News.

In 1992, the station terminated the Million Dollar Movie and filled the 2 hours gap with talk shows presented by Geraldo Rivera, Jerry Springer, and Sally Jessy Raphael (along with the Good Morning Houston program, which also later terminated in 1993). Plus, in 1996, KTRK TV started carrying The Rosie O’Donnell Show and later started broadcasting Oprah at 4 pm.

Early Shows

KTRK News’ early transmission included a heavy focus on some localish touch and reflected daily themes. Some exciting local shows were:

Cadet Don: A kid’s adventure program themed on space that emphasized the vulnerabilities of an interstellar adventurer and places he visited. He also had an alien pet Seymour from the Planet Katark.

Kitirik: It was also a kid’s program that was presented by an actress in a cat cosplay.

Kitirik Show ABC 13 News
Kitirik Show ABC 13 News | Courtesy: twitter

Dialing for Dollars: It was a famous American game show, where an anchor would dial random numbers of the viewers and give them cash prizes upon answering the right question.

Good Morning Houston: The show Good Morning Houston was aired after the Dialing for Dollars. It was premiered in the late 70s and extended to include discussions on local issues and events important to the community.

ABC Houston Popular Shows

The following table enlists all the programs and shows airing on ABC 13 News during weekdays and weekends. Viewers can watch these shows live on Roku, Hulu, Amazone Fire, and other streaming services via KTKR live stream.

Big Sky Jimmy Kimmel Live 13 Eyewitness News at 10 pm Jeopardy!
Live with Kelly and Ryan ABC News Nightline America This Morning Tamron Hall
Good Morning The View Good Morning America General Hospital
GMA3: What You Need to Know 13 Eyewitness News at 5:3 am Inside Edition Live at 5:00 pm
The Goldbergs ABC World News Tonight with David Muir Home Economics Call Your Mother
The Conners A Million Little Things Station 19 Here It Comes Again Rebel Patient X
Grey’s Anatomy Sign O’ the Times Shark Tank 20/20 Localish Legends
Free Enterprise Hearts of Heroes Too Close for Comfort Ocean Treks with Jeff Corwin Naples Turtles and Truffles 30 for 30 Al Davis vs. The NFL
Free Enterprise NCAA Gymnastics NBA Basketball OTV Special
NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors vs. Boston Celtics Basketball. Texans 360 Wipeout Winter Wipeout: This Little Piggy Went to Wipeout Eyewitness News Extra
Set the Record Straight: The Jam Master Jay Story First United Methodist Church of Houston This Week with George Stephanopoulos Kerry Shook
NFL Draft Special Channel 13 News Houston Today MLS Soccer Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Inter Miami CF American Idol Oscar Nominated Songs


ABC 13 News first hit the waves on 20 November 1954 with the callsigns KTRK TV. Chronicle had the largest shares in the ownership of the station. The channel started taking its primary content from ABC Network through KPRC TV (the previous holder of ABC programming in Houston), and since then has been staying with the same channel. Channel 13 News Houston Texas’ original studios were situated at 4513 Cullen Boulevard; later, KHTV and PBS member network KUHT CH 8 also had their studios placed in this location.

ABC 13 News Houston studio building
ABC 13 News Building located at 3310 Bissonnet Houston TX 77005 | Source:

Chronicle later exclusively got all the shares in the channel in 1955. It could have changed the calls to KTRH TV in order to align with its radio network, but Channel 13 Houston decided not to. For years, the network named itself “The Houston Chronicle Station.” Soon After that, the channel shifted its facilities to the current location, i.e., in the Upper Kirby district’s Bissonnette Street, and installed its antenna at some unincorporated location in Fort Bend County, near Missouri City.

Chronicle decided to sell ABC News 13 Houston Capital Cities Broadcasting in 1967. When it came under the ownership of Capital Cities, KTRK Channel 13 launched its Circle 13 logo. In 1986, Capital Cities purchased ABC, making KTRK Houston an ABC O&O TV channel. In early 1996, The Walt Disney Company bought the ABC/Capital Cities. Soon afterward, The Walt Disney Company directed Channel 13 Houston TX to air the entire ABC schedule. However, there were times when KTRK 13 preferred local special events over the network programming.

Tel: 713-666-0713
Tower Location: Missouri City, in unincorporated northeastern Fort Bend County
Brand Name: ABC 13

Coverage Map

ABC Channel 13 News Houston Coverage Map
ABC Channel 13 News Houston Coverage Map | Source:
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