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Channel 14 El Paso News Live

KFOX TV logoKFOX-TV is a virtual channel 14. It is affiliated to Fox and licensed to El Paso, Texas, United States. The station is also working for Las Cruces, New Mexico. Sinclair Broadcast Group holds the ownership rights of the channel. The station is working as part of a duopoly with KDBC-TV (channel 4). It is a CBS affiliate. Both the channels share studios on South Alto Mesa Drive in northwest El Paso. Moreover, KFOX-TV’s transmitter is located atop the Franklin Mountains on the El Paso city limits.

KFOX Live Stream

KFOX has live streaming on their website. It provides full coverage of the news 24/7. The channel provides videos with full resolution on their website.

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Meet the Team of KFOX News

Erika Castillo, Jessica Gonzales, Adriana Candelaria, Robert Holguin, and John Purvis make a perfect team of anchors and reporters.

KFOX Weather Team

KFOX TV weather teamKFOX has a comprehensive weather team that provides authentic weather updates on live time. Weather cameras are placed at every other corner of the state to keep in check the changing weather conditions. Holly Bock, Amanda Guillen, and Sandra Diaz are the talented faces of meteorologists in KFOX Weather Team.

Weather map – Interactive radar

KFOX has weather maps which allocate main atmospheric points to alert the community of any storm surge or hurricane emergency.

Programming Schedule of KFOX News

Presently, KFOX-TV broadcasts 26½ hours of locally produced newscasts each week. It runs its transmission five hours on weekdays. The channel is unusual among Fox channels as it has no sports department. The channel maintains a news bureau located on East Idaho Avenue in Las Cruces, New Mexico.

Slogan: Coverage You Can Count On

KFOX News El Paso has its own slogan which is displayed at the start of every news feed.


KFOX has a vast variety of programs to be aired for its audience. Family Guy, Two and a Half Men, Fox Morning News, The People’s Court, and Personal Injury Court are some of the main shows that run on 24 hour time loop.

Timing Programs
12:05 am Two and a half men
1:05 am Funny you should ask
1:35am Family Guy
2:03 am Bob’s Burger
3:31 am Daily Mail TV
4:00 am Personal Injury court
5:00 am FOX morning News
9:00 am Daytime with Kimberly and Esteban
10:00 am The Wendy William’s show
11:00 am The people’s court
12:00 pm Right-This-Minute
1:00 pm Hot Wheels
2:00 pm Divorce court
3:00 pm Judge Mathis
4:00 pm Family Fued
5:00 pm KFOX news at 5
6:00 pm The Big Bang Theory
7:00 pm Master Chef
9:00 pm KFOX news at 9
10:05 pm Modern Family
11:00 pm daily mail TV
11:30 pm The Simpsons

About KFOX News El Paso

On August 1979, the channel first signed on the air as KCIK-TV. At that time the abbreviation stood for “Christ Is King”. Originally, KFOX operated as a nonprofit Christian-oriented religious independent channel. Moreover, this was the first UHF television channel to sign on in the El Paso market. Not only this, KFOX was also the first new commercial channel to sign on in El Paso. It happened because KVIA-TV hit the airwaves 23 years earlier.

KFOX Limited Audience

El Paso itself had over 400,000 people at the time channel 14 signed on. Likewise, the El Paso market has always been a small to medium-sized market. This is because of the surrounding urban and rural areas.

KFOX TV studio building
200 S. Alto Mesa StreetEl Paso, TX 79912 | Courtesy:

Affiliations of KFOX News El Paso

On October 6, 1986, the channel became a charter affiliate of Fox. KFOX news effectively remained a de facto independent channel. This continued until Fox began to program all seven nights in 1993.

Inauguration of the Studio

In 1988, KCIK was purchased by New York entrepreneur Jack Mulderrig Sr. He invested in the construction of a new studio facility. It was located at 6004 North Mesa Street in the northwestern part of the city. The office was inaugurated on June 1994. On January 3, the channel changed its call letters to KFOX-TV. This alternation was made six months before the opening of the new studios. The call letters were changed to reflect its network affiliation. Moreover, it was marked as one of Fox’s 10 strongest affiliates.

KFOX TV news team
KFOX TV news team | Credits: facebook page

KFOX-TV Call Sign

The use of the KFOX-TV call sign differs from other channels. This incorporates the network name into their call letters, For example, ABC, NBC, and CBS each have owned-and-operated channels. They are placed in New York City and Los Angeles. The station bears their associated network within their calls. However, the KFOX calls were not used by Fox for its O&O in Los Angeles.

Analog-to-Digital Conversion

In the early 2000s, KFOX-TV became the first channel in the El Paso market. It transmitted a digital television signal. On May 21, 2009, the channel performed two-minute tests of its digital signal. KFOX did that by temporarily shutting down its analog feed at 6:25 a.m., 12:25, and 6:25 p.m. that day. It was done in order to prepare viewers for the pending digital television transition the following month.

Temporary Shutdown in 2009

KFOX-TV terminated its analog signal, over UHF channel 14. On June 12, 2009, at midnight, KFOX went off. This become the official date in which full-power TV channels in the United States transitioned from analog to digital broadcasts. The amendments were made under federal mandate. KFOX’s digital signal remained on its per-transition UHF channel 15. Through the use of PSIP, digital television receivers display the channel’s virtual channel as its former UHF analog channel 14.

Newscasters at live coverage studio
Newscasters at live coverage studio | Source: official website


KFOX runs its own website on global internet facility. People do not have to stick to their TV screens for the news updates. In fact, they can easily get the updates the channel’s website. The website is run efficiently, that means that news reports are presented every other second. Moreover, there is a comprehensive bundle of variable news available on the website. For example, entertainment, weather, local or community news.

Tel: 915.833.8585
Tower Location: Franklin Mountains on the El Paso city limits
Brand Name: KFOX 14

Coverage Map

KFOX TV coverage Map
KFOX TV coverage Map | Source:

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