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Fox 5 San Diego

Live Transmission, Weather and Local News for San Diego, CA

Fox 5 San Diego is a local Fox affiliate American News broadcaster, also known by its call sign KSWB-TV. Nexstar Media Group operates the broadcaster as its owner and operator, while “Tribune Media Company” is the license holder of the station. Fox 5 San Diego operates from its studios on Engineer Road in the city’s Kearny Mesa Section. The station is praised for organizing various contests for its audience and distributes prizes among them.

Watch KSWB-TV Fox 5 San Diego Live Streaming

Tune into America’s Finest City’s favorite channel for local news and community events.

KSWB-TV is marketed with the slogan of “So San Diego,” promising to provide every minute details of local happenings. “San Diego’s Warner Brothers” is the complete form of the callsign of the station. The 24/7 streaming of Fox 5 Live San Diego is carried by the help of 350 kW of power licensed by the Federal Communications Commission. You can signup to advertise with the broadcaster by visiting “Advertise With Us Page” on the official web portal.

You can get the official apps of the broadcaster for your Android or iOS smartphone to always remain in touch with the station. There are also official social media accounts of the broadcaster, which you can follow to get the latest stories from the station.

Transmission Sources:

The worldwide viewers of Fox 5 Live San Diego can tune the station on Virtual Channel 69 and UHF digital channel 26. The public of Baja California, Mexico, can enjoy the TV station on Izzi channel 92. The cable subscribers can enjoy the station on channel 705 and 5. The digital coverage of KSWB-TV can be watched over 69.1 in 720p Main KSWB-TV programming or Fox. There is also a lower print of 480p, which can be tuned on channel 69.2-4 via Antenna TV, Cout TV, and Ion Television.

The affiliation partners of the TV operator Live include

  • Fox
  • Antenna TV
  • Ion Television
  • Court TV


Phil Blauer, Aloha Taylor, Kathleen Bade
Week Night News Team

KSWB-TV has viewers engagement from all around the world, which tune the station to get the latest news updates, political updates, traffic updates, national and international news, updates about local community events, technology, and health. The station is a major broadcaster of NFL and NFC football, NASCAR, and all Major League Baseball going around. KSWB-TV also simulcasts shows from Fox Television. KSWB-TV has 11 hours of daily programming and airs an additional 4 hours on weekends.

If you are planning the trip on your weekends, the broadcaster is the best source for updates about the local weather forecasting. The station provides current, full-day, and next day forecasting 24/7. KSWB-TV also provides emergency alerts in-case of any natural disaster, like floods or earthquakes, to help the evacuation or recovery process. The dedicated weather team of Fox 5 News San Diego makes sure to provide the latest and accurate details for its audience.

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Weather Team of Fox 5 News San Diego

Senior Meteorologist of Fox 5 includes Jason Handman and Raegan Medgie.

Morning Weather News Team Fox 5
Morning News Team | credits:
Victoria Johnson Chrissy Russo
Brad Wills Aloha Taylor

Anchors and Reporters of KSWB-TV

Kathleen Bade (Anchor) Raoul Martinez (Anchor) Kristina Audience (Anchor)
Merrilee Moore Kalyn McMackin (Sports Reporter) Justina Myers (Reporter)
Jeff McAdam (Reporter) Kasia Gregorczyk (Reporter) Jason Sloss (Reporter)
Aric Richards (Reporter) Heather Lake (Reporter) Jaime Chambers (Reporter)
Troy Hirsch (Sports Anchor) Phil Blauer (Anchor) Shally Zomorodi (Anchor)

Channel Overview:

The broadcaster started as an independent station by the callsign KTTY on 1st October 1984. The first studio of the channel was located on Frontage Road in Chula Vista. The station first carried general entertainment format covering classic movies, dramas, religious programs, cartoons, and other content that other broadcasters turned down to air through their platform. The station had a major hit on its rating when it was an independent broadcaster, so it became the charter affiliate of The WB on 11th January 1995, a child company of Warner Brothers Entertainment.

San Diego Television was the first owner of the operator which sold the ownership rights to Tribune Company at the time when the station was about to bankrupt completely. After complete take over on 16th August 1996, Tribune Company changed the name of the channel to KSWB-TV, what it currently uses. The sale of Fox 5 San Diego to Nexstar Media was announced on 3rd December 2018 at the cost of $6.4 billion. The Federal Communications Commission approved the sale on 16th September 2019, and the deal was completed on 19th September of the same year.

The station aired analog transmission on UHF channel 69 from 1984 until 2009 and digital transmission on UHF channel 19 from 2000 until 2009.

Shows of Fox 5 Live San Diego

Two and a Half Men Modern Family The Goldbergs
Family Guy The Mel Robbins Show Bob’s Burgers
The Steve Wilkos Show Fox 5 Behind the Scenes Fox 5 Morning Show
Rachael Ray Dateline “Mystery in Mustang” DailyMainTV
WWE Friday Night SmackDown Fox 5 Sports Final Drone 5 Sky Flight
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Tel: 858-573-6500
Tower Location: Southeast of Spring Valley
Brand Name: Fox 5 San Diego

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Fox 5 San Diego
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